Who We Are

We are an Italy based company with a love for global and contemporary designs. Our collection is an eclectic mix of never-go-out-of-style classics and some extra-ordinary pieces that will brighten up any room. We work with designers all over the world to get that global feel to our designs.

We have put great care and attention to detail into our collection, which is mostly handmade. It’s what fascinates and drives us. It’s the hands of the artisan that bring a product to life. It’s what makes each crafted item unique, not a mass market piece.

We hope you’ll love the pieces as much as we do!


Egyptian Cotton Bedding

With our main warehouse located in Asia, it enables us to offer free shipping to our lovely customers from all over the world. It is very important to us that we maintain a close and personal relationship with the local factories and employees.

Our hope is that as we continue to grow, we can in turn help the local factories to scale as well. With that being said, we go through careful screening processes to make sure the factories we work with are ethical and align with our vision. 

All of our material is premium quality with 100% cotton. We want to make sure you experience heaven-like comfort. 

After all, you deserve the best. ❤️