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From sunset to sunrise, our daily lives revolve around sleeping, waking, showering and bathing. If you think about it, when you’re at home you probably spend more time tucked up in bed than you do in your clothes.

Sleeping and resting are such an important part of our everyday routine that we have taken it upon ourselves to create what we think is the perfect bedding.

We have worked tirelessly to get the fundamentals right and build the best product, know every supplier, craft products responsibly, and serve the customer always.

In order for us to sell the highest quality, sustainably sourced and ethically produced products at a genuinely fair price, we had to go direct to the cotton fields. This was the only way we could guarantee the quality and fairness of the whole supply chain, from the farmers who grow our cotton right through to the people who stitch our products.

We are an Italy based company with all of our products and materials coming from the Zhejiang province of China. We believe that style should go hand in hand with comfort, which is why we only source premium quality materials. To ensure heaven-like comfort, all of our products are made with natural materials only.


Q. How do we provide high quality bed linen at such fantastic prices we hear you ask? 

 A. We cut out the middle men of course! By selling direct from our factory floor and binning wholesale costs, brand licensing fees, multiple logistics handling charges and high street rent & rates we cut out all the middle men and pass the savings onto you!  

Fairy Priced

Our Story

My husband and I sleep at different temperatures. It’s a familiar story that plays out in millions of homes across the globe: one is hot, the other’s cold, and truthfully, it’s because most bedding does not address this problem.

Years ago, our Aunt Sue and Uncle Ralph shared with us an early version of a silk comforter that they said made a big difference in their own temperature at night. They let us try it and we loved it too. It was so much softer and luxurious compared to the comforter we had at the time.

Naturally, Sue and Ralph wanted to share it with others, but it was difficult to find something that was high-quality or worth sharing. Since I had a background in overseas production, they approached me to ask whether I could find the right producers to make something really special. I wasn't sure what I would find, but with their help I set out on several trips overseas to investigate dozens of factories, hoping to develop something that would not just be comfy or pretty, but something truly remarkable.

On my journey I worked incessantly, gaining access to every part of the supply chain using the Mandarin language and I was also able to visit dozens of factories. One by one, I personally selected only the very best suppliers with a common eye towards premium quality, responsible production, cutting-edge technology, and natural materials. I also learned that if we were willing to be bold and invest more, we could make a new, unique, high-end form of Egyptian cotton textile that would enhance the temperature and luxury benefits. It would even make the Silk Comforter perform better!

After solidifying these special partners, I returned back home and our family worked together to design a line of luxury bedding that was truly amazing— from this, Roomie Design was born

Bohemian Orient Duvet Cover Set (Egyptian Cotton, 500 TC)

Year after year, we have continued to grow Roomie Design by incessantly focusing on quality, hands-on production, and customer experience. Instead of just ordering from trade companies or finishing factories like other brands, we personally select and manage everything. This approach definitely requires more time and hard work, but the result is more than worth it.

Premium-level luxury bedding, that is truly unique, better researched, carefully made, softer, stronger, and the perfect temperature.

Emerald Green Golden Jacquard Duvet Cover Set

Our greatest reward has been the flood of positive feedback from our customers who we consider to be members of The Roomie Design Family. It's a wonderful feeling to know that our products are actually helping people from all over the world live better by sleeping better. Receiving thousands of 5 star reviews from actual customers and even see them sharing Roomie Design with their friends, has been humbling and great validation of our original goal.

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Thank you for your continued love and support of what we do. It is an honor to have you as part of The Roomie Design family!

Yours truly,

Romina de Angelis

Founder of Roomie Design