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Bedding Care Guide

How To Wash Egyptian Cotton Bedding

  • Wash at 30°C ( 86°F) with a minimal amount of gentle detergent
  • Don’t add any additional products
  • Use a gentle wash cycle
  • Air-dry where possible
  • Iron on a low heat. You can put a cloth on bedding set when ironing

How To Dry Egyptian Cotton Bedding

With Egyptian Cotton bedding we would always recommend that you air dry the fabric on a clothesline. Hung correctly, the creasing will be minimal and you won’t have to spend as long on the ironing. Air drying also to maintain the cotton’s lovely natural scent.

If you must tumble dry your Egyptian Cotton bedding, make sure that you use a relatively low heat. Remove the sheets from the dryer as soon as possible after the cycle has finished and fold them. This will help prevent any stubborn creases from setting in.

Iron the sheets whilst they are still slightly damp with the iron set to a low heat. 

Egyptian Cotton bedding is a high-quality item with a truly luxurious feel. Treated well, that stunning quality will last for years to come.

How To Wash Silk Bedding

The safest way to wash delicate silk bedlinen at home is to hand wash them.

  • Fill a basin with cool water
  • Add a few drops of detergent for delicates
  • Soak the sheets
  • Agitate the item in the water
  • Rinse in cold water
  • Absorb excess water with a towel
  • Hang the sheets to dry
  • Iron on a low heat if necessary
Bedding Care Guide